Forest Forge Theatre are mid-production of new play Hidden, which will be touring to schools and various other venues at the end of September through to November (you can see it at Forest Forge on the 21st and 22nd September!).

Hidden is the story of two cultures colliding and forming an unlikely alliance to challenge hatred and fear. Adapted by Vickie Donoghue, the play is based on the novel ‘Hidden’ by Miriam Halahmy.

Director of Hidden Stuart Mullins, tells us his thoughts and experiences so far working on the play and with the cast.

“Nearly two weeks of rehearsal have passed and already we have learnt so much about Vickie’s play. The more I hear it the more I realise how immediate and relevant the themes and issues are that she’s taken from Miriam’s original novel.

Marginalised white working class families threatened by the idea of refugees. Refugees shunned and isolated by a society that has no real insight into their suffering and pain. I constantly resist the desire to bring my own rhetoric to the piece.

Hidden at Forest Forge Theatre RingwoodThe pleasure is in watching two relatively inexperienced actors bring themselves to the work. Inaam, still only 19, with no formal theatre training entering into his first prolonged rehearsal process and tour. Aosaf, formerly a man of science, now throwing his heart, body and mind into rehearsals. Both complemented by the calm and experienced Kirsty Jackson, such a generous and skilled performer.

I’m grateful that Forest Forge has allowed me to bring my two good friends and colleagues Helen Parlor and Simon McCorry to the project. As a director I’m so dependent on the talent, skill and expertise of my creative team. They are quite simply brilliant at what they do.

Helen, so courageous and committed to the process of revealing to actors what their bodies can do in the telling of a story. Simon, bringing a richness and depth to the whole aesthetic of the piece with his bold and beautiful sound design.

Hidden at Forest Forge Theatre RingwoodOne of the delights and discoveries of this process has been to work with Forest Forge’s long time designer, David Haworth. We’ve been on the same wavelength from day one, and I think he’s in the process of creating something really quite special.

Thanks for a million reasons goes to Forest Forge CEO Sharon Lawless, but introducing me to David is right up there. Here’s to another two weeks of doing our best to serve Vickie’s play and the spirt of Miriam’s novel.”

If you would like to book tickets for Hidden at Forest Forge you can do so here. For further venues visit the Hidden website.