It’s National Storytelling Week this week, are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Storytelling has been a deep rooted part of our culture since the beginning of time. A story can be told in many ways, from early cave drawings, through dance and song, poems and other forms of art. A story built with layer and texture can make you smile, make you cry and sometimes make you challenge the way you think. Two of our most recent productions used different styles of storytelling to evoke different feelings. Stories create change, not necessarily an immediate one, but sometimes they spark an idea which can change you as a person.


The Elves and the Shoemaker was a magical, delightful, uplifting tale with humour and fun. The audience enjoyed watching the stories unfold, engaging and laughing. However, more importantly the experience was heightened because, as a collective, coming together in their community and delighting in this shared experience, allowed them to feel connected to one another.



Next came The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s tale of the Salem Witch Trials. Tyranny, fear and passion are the forces behind this vivid story about extreme religious views and the fight for power, all of which have impact in today’s world. Very different emotions were stirred in this audience as what they watched wasn’t necessarily fun, but was important and the change this powerful show sparked may resonate with them for days or weeks or even years to come.


As storytellers we want to ensure that every person that comes to one of our performances is transported to another time and place, caught up in the tales that we tell, igniting a thought or a change. We want to make a lasting impression.