The Travelling Players are a storytelling collaboration between Forest Forge Theatre Company and BumbleFly Theatre. The storytellers travel to local communities throughout December and January, bringing theatre to your doorstep!

Previous shows have including ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’, and for 2017-18 the team bought ‘The Frog Prince’ to life on stage and to communities and schools across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

Adapted and Directed by David Haworth with original music by David Calais, and a talented cast of Dom Phillips (also Producer), Anna Harriott and Clive Holland.

The Frog Prince Production

The show tells the story of a Princess and a frog, who unbeknown to her is really a Prince. As the story unfolds the Travelling Players intersperse the fable with other familiar fairytales, cleverly worked into the story with humour and fantastic puppetry.

After the show’s premier at Forest Forge Theatre in Ringwood, it travelled to schools, theatres and villages halls throughout the three counties to entertain and engage local communities. Audience members consisted of all ages and included those new to the productions and many that return to see the Travelling Players year after year.

Sharon Lawless, CEO and Creative Producer of Forest Forge Theatre Company said;

“This is our third production in collaboration with Bumblefly Theatre and the shows are going from strength to strength. Our aim with rural touring is to bring theatre to local communities, we take the show to people at their local village halls and schools. The performance brings joy, humour and enhances community spirit! We cannot wait to see what the collaboration will produce for touring at the end of 2018.”

– Sharon Lawless, CEO Forest Forge Theatre

The Frog Prince

The feedback from The Frog Prince has been fantastic with a hugely positive response to every performance. One audience member was quoted as saying:

“I just wanted to say that once again you have created magic with The Frog Prince . It is a wonder and a delight. I loved ever minute of it.”

– Audience Member

The beauty of these productions is there is no age limit, the show can be enjoyable for all ages as one audience member said:

“Really enjoyed the effects, music and the laughs! Great for adults and the kids!”

– Audience Member

For younger audiences the show is not only entertaining but can also inspire them, one young audience member said:

“You were perfect in every way, I want to be an actress in theatre productions. You inspire me always.”

– Audience Member

The Frog Prince Production

Of course for those behind the scenes the show requires a huge amount of work and commitment with many hours being spent creating the set, perfecting their lines and mastering each scene. The hard work all pays off though as returning Director David Haworth says:

“The show was a joy to work on, the familiar team of BumbleFly held in the loving arms of Forest Forge, given the space to play and create a little gem of a show. I felt that everyone involved was on top of their game and we all just wanted to give our audience the best night out. This show avoids the garish and brash humour of panto and instead delights in telling a good story (or three) with a twinkle in its eye and a song in its heart. It is family entertainment with morals and depth but never at the expense of a good laugh!”

– David Haworth, Director

MD of BumbleFly Theatre Dom Phillips, who also Produced the show AND starred in it (you may best know him as Prince Percy!), said:

“It was a great experience, brilliant tour, and great people. My favourite quote from one audience member was that they haven’t laughed that much in ages! It’s been a pleasure and an honour to bring a bit of sunshine people’s lives. Just remember to keep diving in!”

– Dom Phillips, BumbleFly Theatre

The Frog Prince

So, as the Travelling Players hang up their costumes after the success of The Frog Prince, the rest of us can take joy in the knowledge that they are set to return at the end of 2018 with another wonderful show to share with us all!