Why our newest class ‘GAME’ is perfect for YOU!

At the end of 2018 we introduced a new class to our line-up at Forest Forge Theatre. This one was a little different to our usual sessions. It’s not about theatre or drama, it’s for over 21’s, you can drop in and out as you wish, and it’s perfect for YOU! This session is called GAME!

Since starting GAME we’ve had a selection of participants, some unsure on what they were getting themselves into, but all of them leaving with smiles on their faces and feeling the joys of working off the stress of daily life.

So what is Game? Our Creative Learning Director, Lucy, the mastermind behind GAME, has put into words what makes it so special and why YOU should give it a go…

In September I started running a new session at Forest Forge called Game. It was the end result of a lot of thinking about doing something for adults that wasn’t necessarily theatre based but used the fun active team building ensemble parts of theatre.

But one of the difficulties is how to explain to people that this session is absolutely for them. When I tell people that it is an hour of games and play that “why should the children have all the fun”, everyone is always interested as there is nothing else like it. but until you try it, of course people are dubious that is it “for them”.

Last nights session epitomised why I wanted to start this group. There were only a few of us, however we started playing 4 square and within minutes we were laughing and diving about, we developed without any real discussion a new rule which involved continuously moving/dancing to the Prodigy while playing which was exhilarating, freeing and also exhausting! We all stopped to have a damn good laugh when Clare’s “superhero style” serve failed. We all laughed.

We played a high octane game of noughts and crosses – competitive and weirdly aerobic. We played a team ball game that involved fleet of foot, cheeky interception and a fair amount of frustrated yelling. To bring our heart rates back to calm we balanced broom handles – an underrated skill. We then did a trust exercise and a physical theatre lift which everybody had a go at. we were brave. To finish we beat our current record at keepy uppy – it now stands at 32. We succeeded.

We laughed. We sweated. We played.

And we all needed it, we all said at the end of a full on, diverse, and entertaining hour how much each of us had needed it – arts practitioners, physiotherapist and carer.

It’s a Thursday night. It’s a fiver. It’s a bit of exercise. It’s non-judgemental. It’s a laugh. believe me, it is “for you”. come and join us.

Game at Forest Forge Theatre

So, what’s your excuse? Come along and try it, if only once! We guarantee you’ll have fun and feel all the better for it.

GAME takes place on a Thursday evening from 8.45pm-9.45pm at Forest Forge Theatre. It’s just £5 per session, pay as you go!