Change of Leadership at Forest Forge!

Change of Leadership at Forest Forge!   Forest Forge, the New Forest’s professional theatre company, has this week announced an exciting change of leadership, with Lucy Phillips and Jo Billingham appointed Co-Artistic Directors.    Lucy Phillips has been Forest Forge’s Creative Learning Director for 25 years. Having grown up in the New Forest Lucy has [...]

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Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan Macmillan is the first Youth Theatre show back in the building since January 2020. This is a show, I think,  ultimately is about love. Familial Love, Romantic Love, and love for life. Our narrator tells us very early on that their mother has attempted suicide when they were 7 years old. Our [...]

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Fawley a Power Station Play

This Halloween at dawn, on the Waterside of the New Forest in Fawley, a 200m chimney stack belonging to what was once the world’s largest oil-fired power station will be razed to the ground. Fawley Power Station’s incredible story is connected through the last 70 years with the interplay of politics, power, people, industry and [...]

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Why is Take Part with us different?

Why is Take Part with us different? It’s the start of the new season here at Forest Forge and we are busy programming in our regular sessions, adding new ones, and planning the term and year ahead. It’s a great time when new stationary gets cracked open, a new notebook is started, and there is [...]

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ARTIST CALLOUT from a past Youth Theatre Member

ARTIST CALLOUT: We are hosting our first Posthuman Symposium @forestforgeTC from 14-19 September. And are looking for 3 artists local to the Bournemouth/New Forest area to join us. This is an unpaid opportunity! The Symposium will explore alternative futures to human and non-human oppression, the climate crisis and neoliberalism. Artists will participate in discussions and [...]

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Joy This week saw the culmination of more than 3 months’ work creating a show with our Youth Theatre. What started as a seed of an idea, grew into a show.  One day back in February when the days were wet and dark and I was madly, and with great hope beginning my master seed growing project [...]

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Local community called upon to help inspire a new play based upon the Fawley Power Station story

Local community called upon to help inspire a new play based upon the Fawley Power Station story We are so excited to have begun a participatory research and development process to help inform the writing of a new play for Forest Forge Theatre about Fawley Power Station. We are delighted to be working with Off [...]

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Supporting children and young people with their mental health

It’s coming to the end of #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek and we have been thinking about the children and young people we are currently supporting in different capacities.  There are lots of resources out there to support and help, but sometimes even that can feel overwhelming, and where do you start?  We often find that although we are [...]

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Artists Talk with Designer Lizzie Watts – Practical Theatre Design

We were delighted to welcome professional theatre designer, Lizzie Watts to our screens for another wonderful ‘Artists Talk’. Don’t worry if you missed it, here's Lizzie to tell us all about her talk and her advice on things to consider when it comes to designing for theatre!   Practical Theatre Design - an overview by [...]

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